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Online Museum Donation Policy

The AramcoBrats Online Museum is intended as a way for us to remember our youth in the Aramco districts in Saudi Arabia. As a result, all donations must fit under that general definition. They must also be appropriate for viewing by all Brats, regardless of where they might currently be residing.

Any and all donations are welcome, especially as the museum starts up. ABI reserves the right to exclude any submission which is deemed inappropriate, for whatever reason. Donations will also be screened for duplication.

Donations may be submitted in one of the following forms:
  • graphic file (preferably .jpg format)
  • hard-copy photograph, which will be scanned
  • hard-copy document, which will be scanned
Obviously, the electronic format is preferred. Hardcopy donations that are mailed to the museum curator will be returned to the donor upon request. Please, DO NOT send in your only copy of something. While anything received will be treated with care, accidents can happen and we'd hate to have you end up losing something precious. For step-by-step instructions, see the how to donate section.

Please direct any questions, comments, suggestions and feedback in general about the museum site to
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