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How to Donate to the Museum

  1. Decide you have something you would like to share with your fellow Brats.
  2. Review the museum exhibits to determine whether what you have duplicates an existing item.
  3. Create a graphic file (.jpg format preferred) using a scanner, digital camera, etc. If the graphic file is too big to e-mail, copy it to a floppy disk, zip disk or CD and send that through the regular mail. It can be read from any of those media.
    Take a picture with a regular camera and send in the print(s). Remember that most film processing companies also offer pictures on a CD.
  4. Write a note (e-mail or regular letter) to the museum curator and include the following required information:
    • Make sure I will know how to contact you if necessary!
    • Do you wish to be an anonymous donor? If not, clearly specify how you wish the donor information to be listed.
    • Do you wish the "item" returned (hardcopy only)?
  5. Try to include some or all of the following information. It will make the exhibits more interesting.
    • name of item (even when seemingly obvious)
    • description of item
    • where & when item was obtained
    • any interesting stories about the item, how it was obtained, etc.
    • if a photograph, identify the people in it, scene shown, etc.
  6. Send e-mail with attached graphic file(s) (or a .zip file) to
    Send hardcopy donations to me at:

    If you are using regular mail, please let me know by e-mail, if possible, that something is on its way.

Please direct any questions, comments, suggestions, and feedback in general about the museum site to
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