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ABI Announcement #53

12 May 2011 9:46 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
   Announcement #53
  May 12, 2011

In this announcement:

  1. Hami, Hami, Y'all!
  2. Vote!
  3. Help Build Your Reunion Jukebox
  4. Discounted Raffle Tickets Online!
  5. Check Your Contact Info
1. Hami, Hami, Y'all!
You know you want to be at the big bash in the big "D," so do yourself a favor and don't wait to register at the door!  Online registration will remain open through 5/22/2011.  The mail-in registration option will be disabled on 5/15/2011 in order to allow time for checks to be mailed and received before the reunion.  Register now!

REMINDER: you must be either a Supporting or Sustaining member to register. (This is our newfangled way of saying you have to pay AdBak.) Not one? Go to your profile page and in the Membership Details section, click "Change Membership Level." Be sure to select the appropriate level (Domestic v. International).

2. Vote!
Check your mailbox for your ABI ballot form (if you haven't already received it), and please vote!  
Be sure to write your name/address information clearly on the form and return completed ballots via mail to: 

AramcoBrats, Inc.
c/o Andrew Bobb
3729 Arnold
Houston, TX 77005

Please allow sufficient time for delivery before May 20, 2011.  Ballots that arrive after May 20 may not be counted at the reunion.

Properly filled out, signed and scanned ballots may also be submitted via email to  Emailed ballots must be submitted before 11:59 pm on 5/28/2011 to be counted.

If you do not receive a ballot in the mail, we may not have current address information for you.  Please download an electronic copy of the ballot from the website and check your contact information online!

IMPORTANT: if you returned your ballot via email on Monday, 5/9/11, please resend to make sure we received it. We had a brief glitch with that email address.

3. Help Build Your Reunion Jukebox
Just a reminder to help us fill our reunion jukebox with streaming music from  
Sign in as bratmusic2011 (password dallas2011) to check out what has already been added and/or add your own song selections to the decade-based playlists we have set up: "Best of the 19XXs," etc.  Just look up a song in the search window, drag it into the appropriate decade playlist, and you're done!  If you really want to get fancy, you can even upload music from your own desktop collection!

Feel free to contact
Dawn if you have questions or suggestions.

4. Discounted Raffle Tickets Online!
Take advantage of our discounted prices by purchasing your raffle tickets online between now and May 22nd!  The online sales will close on that date to give us time to tabulate the ticket purchases and have your tickets ready for you at registration. The more tickets you buy, the greater your chances of winning the raffle item(s) you have bid on.

Online prices:
  • 3 tickets for $5, 
  • 8 tickets for $10
  • 25 tickets for $25 
Onsite prices:
  • 2 tickets for $5
  • 5 tickets for $10
  • 20 tickets for $25
PURCHASE NOW and get more bang for your buck!

(For raffle/auction questions and donations, contact

5. Check Your Contact Info
If you haven't checked your contact information, now is a good time to do so before we finalize information for the directories.  Whatever we have in our database as of Friday the 13th is how your listing will appear.  To check your contact information, Go to your profile page and click "edit" at the top if you need to make any changes.

See y'all in Dallas!,

Marie Littlejohn-Dunn DH '77
ABI President
for the
ABI Board

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