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ABI Announcement #51

30 Mar 2011 10:47 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

   Announcement #51
  March 30, 2011

In this announcement:

  1. What a Deal!
  2. Yalla, Yalla!
  3. Class Gathering Spots
  4. Gift Registration
  5. Got Suq Stuff?

1. What a Deal!

Road trip to Dallas

Your mileage may vary
Group room rates at the Fairmont Dallas
$105/night ($74 savings over average nightly rate) or $52.50/night because you're sharing with your best friend from childhood!

 Discounted parking

$13/day ($10/day discount) or $5/day at the YMCA lot
 4 fun-filled days and nights at the 13th Biennial Aramco Brat Reunion* including:
  • 15% off food and beverages
  • T-shirt, goodie bag, assorted Brat swag
  • Nifty reunion badge (you won't get 15% off without it)
  • Discounted banquet meal ($35 savings)
  • Dance band
  • Jukebox, foosball and other games
  • Garage band equipment, so you can jam all night
  • Fun door prizes
  • Night time, poolside movies featuring "Hamad and the Pirates," "Home," and "Coming Home"

$79 or less than $20/day!

 Coming home and seeing the best friends you ever had

*Warning:  may cause sleep deprivation, loss of voice from talking too much, prolonged periods of smiling, flashbacks, and ostentatious (is that possible?) displays of gold jewelry.  Some may also experience tears upon departure, sudden urges to stay in touch with new and old friends, and solemn vows to never miss another ABI reunion!

2. Yalla, Yalla!

March 31st is tomorrow!  This is the deadline for early registration and for full refunds on cancellations.  As of April 1, a late fee of $20 will be applied to all registrations that are not paid in full.  If you are paying by check, your envelope must be postmarked by 3/31/2011.  Register now, folks!

REMINDER: you must be either a Supporting or Sustaining member to register. (This is our newfangled way of saying you have to pay AdBak.) Not one? Go to your profile page and in the Membership Details section, click "Change Membership Level." Be sure to select the appropriate level (Domestic v. International).

3. Class Gathering Spots

Need a place to gather your class before Saturday night’s (28 May) class parties?  Your Brat board and reunion committee has the answer.  Four rooms at the Fairmont are being set aside for groups of classes.  We will arrange for tables to be set up in the rooms and a cash bar in the area adjacent.  The rooms will be available from 4 PM to midnight.  This will be a great place for classes to gather prior to outings to other venues for individual parties.  And, yes, you can drop in on other groups. 

The Oak Room with capacity for 180 will be set aside for classes 1980 through 1989; the Continental Room (capacity 90) will be used by classes 1970 through 1979; the Far East Room (capacity 90) will be set aside for classes 1950 through 1969, and the State Room (capacity 60 ) will be designated for classes 1990 through present.  

4. Gift Registration

Want to register a brat friend?  What a great idea, and what a great friend!  If you were thinking of doing something like this for another Brat, the best thing to do is contact Duane ( first to see if they already have an active account.  He can then help you get everything taken care of and even email you the invoices.

5. Got Suq Stuff?

Brats like other Brats' works, so if you have something to sell, be it jewelry, book(s), photos, quilts, t-shirts, you name it, sign up for a table at the Suq.  It will be conveniently located just off the pool, so you're sure to get plenty of traffic and not miss out on the party yourself.  To reserve your table contact Cathy Singelyn-McDaniel at  She will set you up with a table and answer any questions you have.


Marie Littlejohn-Dunn DH '77
ABI President
for the
ABI Board

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