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ABI Announcement #5: August 12, 2004

12 Aug 2004 1:35 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The following was mailed to all AramcoBrats for whom we had an email address on August 12, 2004.

    To improve our service to the Brat community, we have set up an ABI
    email announcement list, which will be reserved for official ABI
    business. We don't expect the list to receive more than one or two
    messages a month. We recognize that some folks might find even this
    low level of email traffic to be intrusive. If you'd prefer not to
    receive an occasional ABI announcement, you can just reply to this
    message (or send an email to we'll
    remove your address from the announcement
    list. If you unsubscribe from the announcement list, you're welcome
    to rejoin later.

    1. Calling All AdBaks
    2. Houston 2005 Reunion Hotel Reservations
    3. Help Wanted - Reunion Class Party Night
    4. Help Wanted - Reunion Tennis and Golf Tournaments
    5. From the ABI Test Kitchens
    6. Newsletter/Address Verification


    As you know, the ABI runs on donations from Brats - we call these
    donations AdBaks (Administrative Baksheesh). The recommended AdBak
    amount is $18 if you live in the U.S. or $23 if you live overseas.
    (Feel free to donate beyond that...we won't mind!)

    It would be of great help to our planning if we had an idea how much
    money we have to work with for this term. If you have not yet paid
    your 2003-2005 AdBak, please use the form in the newsletter or on the
    website to do so.

    Questions? Contact our Treasurer, Cathie McCoy at


    We are pleased to report that, after a brief delay to sort out some
    technical issues, the Hilton (2005 reunion hotel) webpage customized
    for reunion reservations is now online and ready for use. To make
    your reservations, point a browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer or
    Netscape Navigator only) at
    and click the "Book a Room" button below the hotel picture. The ABI
    has negotiated a special room rate of $79/night for rooms, so make
    sure you tell the reservation clerk you're an AramcoBrat if you call
    for your reservation. The reunion dates are Thursday, May 26 through
    Monday, May 30. The banquet is in the evening on Sunday, May 29.
    The special $79 rate is available to Brats three days prior and three
    days after the reunion.

    There are no suites available at this time. We expect a limited
    number of Junior, One Bedroom and Two Bedroom suites to become
    available no later than December 2004. If you would like to be
    placed on a wait list for a suite, please contact Diana
    Ryrholm-Geerdes at In order to assure that
    you have accommodations at the reunion, you should reserve regular
    room(s) now, which you can cancel if a suite becomes available.


    Saturday night at the reunion is designated as class party night. We
    are looking for one person from each class to organize the gathering
    for their class. You can plan to get together to look at old photos
    and yearbooks, go out to dinner, have a hotel-catered event in one of
    the meeting rooms, or whatever else you might like to do with your
    class. If you're interested in helping with your class event, please
    contact Gretchen Connally (ABI Class Rep Coordinator) and Penny
    Dougharty-Mahers (Houston Reunion Committee) at


    The 2005 Houston Reunion Committee is looking for a couple of
    volunteers to assist in organizing the tennis and golf tournaments
    (they already have a volunteer for the bowling tournament) to be held
    during the reunion. They would prefer someone who lives in the
    Houston area and plays the sport. If you are interested, please
    contact Penny Dougharty-Mahers at


    We are very excited to announce our plans to put together an
    AramcoBrats, Inc. Community Cookbook. Remember those great Dhahran
    Women's Group cookbooks that our moms had?? Let's aim for something
    of similar greatness! If there is sufficient interest, our plan is
    to put together a great cookbook that has traditional family
    favorites, as well as all of those great Middle Eastern recipes that
    our families collected during our years in the Kingdom.

    Please submit your favorite recipes as soon as possible to Gretchen
    Connally. You can email or send them in
    the mail to 116 Sapphire Lake Drive, Kyle, TX 78640. If you have any
    questions about the project, please feel free to email Gretchen.


    The Spring 2004 issue of the ABI newsletter was mailed out last
    month. If you have not received yours yet, please contact our
    Database Director, Sherri Dent-Moxley ( to
    confirm that we have your correct current mailing information. You
    can complete the online address change form
    ( to update our
    mailing and email information for you.

    If you didn't receive your newsletter, you can view it online as an
    Adobe Acrobat file at
    <>. To
    contain ABI costs, we are no longer remailing newsletters that are
    returned to us.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about how
    the ABI is doing.

    Hope you are having an enjoyable summer,
    Diana Ryrholm-Geerdes RT 1962
    for the ABI Board of Directors

    This is the ABI Announcement List, a low-traffic list reserved for
    official ABI business. To unsubscribe, send an email with your name
    and class to
    Email if you have any questions.

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