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ABI Announcement #3: January 2003

27 Jan 2003 12:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The following was mailed to all AramcoBrats for whom we had an email address on January 27, 2003.

    1. Officer Nominations
    2. El Con Change of Ownership
    3. Overflow Hotel Information
    4. Survey/AdBak Reminder
    5. Reunion notes

    Officer Nominations
    Nominations are open for the four elected ABI Board positions
    (President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer). If you are
    interested in placing your name in nomination for one of these
    positions, or if you are interested in knowing more about what these
    officers do, please contact Gary Barnes ( Officer
    nominations will close on February 15, 2002, and ABI ballots will be
    mailed on or about March 1, 2002.

    Gary Barnes had received an inquiry from someone regarding the
    Secretary and/or Treasurer position. Unfortunately, his computer died
    and he lost this person's contact information. If you were that
    person (or if you know who the person is), please contact Gary.

    El Con Change of Ownership
    The El Conquistador has been purchased by CNL Hospitality Group and
    Hilton Hotels. The resort's new name is Hilton Tucson El
    Conquistador Golf and Tennis Resort.

    This purchase does not affect our reunion. Our El Con contacts have
    assured us that Hilton has "some good things" in store for the hotel,
    and they are confident that it will all be very positive. The guest
    rooms in the main buildings have all been renovated in the last year,
    and the pool area is being remodeled.

    The El Con staff is still in the process of converting from the
    Sheraton to the Hilton system. They have only entered reservations
    through mid-March. This means that we cannot receive an accurate
    printout until all transfers have been made. Please be assured that
    everyone's reservations are in place and nothing will be lost.

    IF YOU DO HAVE A RESERVATION AT THE EL CON.... (especially those
    holding multiple rooms for friends, siblings, parents, etc.) Please
    take a moment to think if you do require all the rooms you have
    reserved. Call and make sure that those you are holding rooms for
    are not doing the same thing for you. Please release any unneeded
    rooms as soon as possible!

    El Con Cancellation Policy: If a guest should cancel a reservation,
    the deposit is refundable if notice is received at least 7 days prior
    to arrival and a cancellation number is obtained.

    Overflow Hotel Information

    Our overflow hotel for the 2003 reunion is the Holiday Inn Express
    (of Oro Valley). This is an all suite hotel that sits at the foot of
    El Conquistador Drive. The Holiday Inn Express can be reached at
    520-202-4000. You must tell them you are an AramcoBrat to get the
    special rate of $72.95 (this rate is for one or two people; it is
    $82.95 for triple or quad occupancy). This price includes the deluxe
    breakfast buffet -- if you can manage to be out of bed that early
    after all the fun you'll be having the night before!

    The cut-off date for this room block is May 10, 2003. All rooms that
    remain in the block after that date are automatically turned back to
    Holiday Inn Express. Reservations received after the cut-off date
    shall be available by request only, on a space available basis.

    Once you have made your reservation with the Holiday Inn Express,
    please e-mail Diana Ryrholm-Geerdes ( and the Hilton
    El Conquisador ( and request
    to be on the wait list for a regular room at the El Con. You must give
    us your arrival and departure dates, as well as your contact
    information (e-mail address, telephone number, and snail mail
    address). Please make sure you have AramcoBrats in your heading. All
    of this will ensure that we have an accurate list. Room transfers
    will be made on a first come, first served basis.

    There will be cancellations between now and the end of May as people
    firm up their plans and release rooms. If you have placed your name
    on the wait list and are notified that you have a room at the El Con,
    it will be your responsibility to call the Holiday Inn Express at
    520-202-4000 to cancel your reservation
    (no penalty if canceled more
    than 24 hours before scheduled arrival date).

    Please e-mail Diana Ryrholm-Geerdes ( if you have any
    questions or concerns or are just plain confused!

    Survey/AdBak Reminder
    If you want to receive the Reunion registration packet, you must send
    in your reunion survey and pay your Administrative Baksheesh. You can
    complete the reunion survey online by pointing a browser at

    To pay your Administrative Baksheesh, send a check for $18 (if you
    live in the U.S.) or $23 (if you live outside the U.S.) to

    Kathy Montgomery, Treasurer
    AramcoBrats, Inc.
    P. O. Box 2036
    Pismo Beach, CA 93448

    You can find the AdBak form on the ABI website at

    Reunion Notes

  • Class Parties: Saturday evening has been set aside for classes to
    get together and party. If you are interested in helping to
    coordinate the party for your class (or if you want to coordinate a
    party with another class), please contact Erica Ryrholm-Martin
    ( or Diana Ryrholm-Geerdes (

  • Food Stations on Class Party Night: We have made arrangements with
    the El Con to have food stations set up around the pool on Saturday
    evening. Food stations will offer the following:
    - Steamship round with rolls and horseradish $5.00 plus tax
    - Hamburgers and hot dogs with condiments $5.50 plus tax
    - Submarine sandwiches $6.50 plus tax
    - Caesar salad $6.50 plus tax
    - Pasta with alfredo and meat sauce $6.00 plus tax
    - Chicken fingers with oney mustard sauce $7.50 plus tax
    - Barbecue buffalo wings $7.50 plus tax
    - Nachos $4.50 plus tax
    - Chili with grated cheese, onions, and crackers $5.00 plus tax
    - Tacos $4.50 plus tax
    - Individual bags of assorted chips $1.25 plus tax
    - Egg rolls with plum sauce $7.50 plus tax
    - Ice cream cups, bars, and sandwiches $5.50 plus tax
    - Cookies and brownies $2.00 plus tax

  • The traditional end-of-reunion banquet will be held the evening of
    Sunday, May 25. A number of Brats have made reservations that call
    for them to check out of the Hilton El Conquistador on Sunday. If you
    plan to attend the ABI Banquet and Tri-D dance that follows, you
    might want to extend your reservation through Monday.

  • Information about the 2003 Reunion, such as who is coming and what
    events are scheduled, is updated on the ABI website weekly. Please
    check the ABI website ( periodically to
    obtain the most current reunion information.

    Thanks and Happy New Year,
    Diana Ryrholm-Geerdes RT'62
    ABI President

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