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2012-2022 Financial Review

24 Jan 2024 8:31 AM | Cynthia Metcalfe (Administrator)

Alhamdilallah, it's completed.  Finally!  We appreciate your indulgence on this matter - finding someone willing to accept and complete this work was not easy.  Apparently, labor shortages extend to CPAs, too, at least when it comes to a small non-profit like us.

We engaged Reginald Sherman, CPA to perform financial reviews dating back to 2012.  Attached are his report and findings.  In the past, we have received some improvement recommendations from the persons completing the reviews.  Reginald did not have such recommendations; however, we have identified areas in our financial record-keeping that could be improved to facilitate future reviews.  

Since the last financial review, banking practices have changed.  They are virtually all online now.  Bank transactions are automatically downloaded from the bank to ABI's Quickbooks.  We also have utilized different vendors - Paypal, AffiniPay, and Stripe, to name a few - and each of these have their own, unique reporting format. We get what they give us. Some transactions downloaded directly to Quickbooks are done in batches, with little to no identifying information included.   Adding the corresponding FM numbers to the Quickbooks expense entries following the downloads will provide clarity for future reviewers. 

Again, thank you for your patience and your interest in ABI's fiscal responsibilities. If you have any questions, please contact us via email at

Thank you, 
Your ABI Board

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