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Do you often find yourself reminiscing about the good, old days in "Camel-lot" by yourself? Wouldn't you be happier swapping memories with people who can tell a salt water-intake plant from an air-conditioning tower? With those who grew up with quirsh and hallalahs jingling in their pockets on their way to buy gum?

You should consider joining the hundreds of Aramco Brats participating in BratChat, an ongoing electronic discussion conducted via email (a "mailing list" to those of you more familiar with cyber-jargon).  It's free! We offer subscriptions in either a regular format (i.e. message by message, as many as 100+ per week) or a digest format (usually 7-9 compilations per week).

Some topics recently discussed:

  • Dhow trips
  • Girl Scout campouts
  • Dances at the Teen Canteen
  • Half Moon Bay, Sandy Hook, sun burn, jelly fish
  • Square hamburgers at the Snack Bar
  • Frozen milk/powdered milk

How does BratChat work? 

Simply. When you subscribe, you will receive via email a copy of any message that any other subscriber has sent to the list. You can just read it, or you can reply. Replies sent to the list are automatically rerouted back to all subscribers. In this way, a "discussion" arises. If one subscriber posts a message saying "remember teacher so-and-so, wasn't he funny?", other subscribers might reply by providing funny stories about Mr. So-and-so or his current whereabouts or anything else. At the same time, there might be another "thread" developing, started by another subscriber who asks the group to come up with as many examples as they can of what makes Brats different. So on a given day, your email box might contain messages about teacher so-and-so as well as some other examples of Brat-ness and other assorted topics. You have no responsibility to respond or even read anything. You and many others might choose to merely "lurk," reading all the messages but not participating. Others may be more vocal, posting messages regularly. Feel free to do what you want.

Our Mission

Brat Chat is an open forum for reminiscing, critical thinking, clever argument, friendly discourse, and strolling down memory lane. We wish to provide an intimate, personal environment for discussion of our lives in Saudi Arabia, our lives today, and anything else we want to "talk" about. Though geographically dispersed, we are now electronically close. We welcome all new Aramco Brat subscribers, and we hope you choose to join and stay with us!

To join/for more information: 

If you're interested, send an email to either Selena Maranjian or Kathy Montgomery. They can provide you with more information, answer your questions, and help you sign up.

Not sure?? Try us - there is no cost, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Ahlan wa sahlan! We hope all fellow Aramco Brats join us!

* BratChat is an independent mailing list.  It is not owned or operated by ABI nor is it a forum for official ABI communications which should be directed to the ABI Board.

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