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Brad Heising

09 Dec 2011 6:07 PM | Anonymous member

I have recently learned that Brad Heising (1943-2010) passed away last year in his beloved adopted home of New Zealand, succumbing to multiple myaloma for which he had been diagnosed several years earlier. When we last communicated by e-mail, he said that he had opted for alternative medical treatment. Brad, Frank McMillin and I were great friends back in the 1950's. We all went off to Switzerland for our high school education after completing 9th grade in the Aramco RT SS school. In fact, my father worked for Mr. Heising in the Inspections Department of the RT refinery. Brad was an adventurer, conservationist, idealist, entrepreneur, and above all lover of sailing and all things pelagic. Living just across the "pond" from me here in Queensland, my wife and I had planned to visit Brad and his partner at their sprawling B&B in the hills above Golden Bay (northern most part on the south island). Alas ....

It would be terrific if someone could contribute anything about dear old Brad. One shouldn't go through life without being remembered ... hopefully, positively.

Turk Humphrey RT58, now retired and living in The Gold Coast, Queensland - future site of the Commonwealth Games.


  • 15 Dec 2011 5:07 PM | Eileen Wilson Hayes RT 59
    During the late 50's a bunch of us from RT would hop a Kenworth or a Bedford bus and travel to the Dhahran swimming pool. We'd enjoy tunafish salad sandwiches from the Fiesta Room and wile away the day with friends in the sun ( sun was good for you in those days).I couldn't dive and kind ole' Brad was determined to teach me...I just couldn't get it..I kept putting my leg in front of me before I fell in..I would do this standing poolside..Brad was a very patient person and believe he'll be missed by all of us who knew him....funny how we remember things..
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  • 18 Jan 2012 6:49 PM | Mike Snedeker - DH59
    Brad was a neighbor, close friend, and classmate of mine in Dhahran in the late 1950's. Brad and I always had the distinction of being the tallest kids in the class. Thanks to Turk for relaying this information; it is sad to see a childhood friend passing on.
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  • 05 Jul 2014 7:08 PM | Anonymous member
    I remember Brad well. We were in the same class,RT58, and grew up together. He was part of the class that was together for about 10 years. We were the terror of our teachers because we were so close.
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