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jeff (or jeffrey) whitfield Dhahran 1991

04 Aug 2010 4:00 PM | Marie Littlejohn-Dunn (Administrator)
east ridge,tn. (chattanooga)

Wow! I'm greatfull to find this site. I lived in daharan from 1977 to feb. Of 1986 (age 5 to 13). And yeah like some say it seems like a dream. I hated it then but I've now been missing it for years. Where the hell did the last 25years go?? I find it emotionall to think about now. I remember every house and neighborhood I ever lived in daharan like a blue print! I miss the quiet solitude of the desert that was my back yard. Well if anyone remembers me and or wants to contact me please do at thanks. Id love to hear from esp. Daryll broils,james merideth or whitney keeley.( whitney didn't like me I don't think growing up! Lol! Id guess cause I had the worlds biggest crush on her from 1980/2nd grade up till and beyond when I moved back to the usa. I feel pretty positive I found her on face book. And wow, yes she's still beautifull as ever! I never forgot her and allways wondered what became of her!?)  

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