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 Eric Axley RT'86
 Vicki Blackstone Kane AB'68 Photography
 Kinda Hibrawi DH'93 Fine Art
 Maria Lyle DH'73 Fine Art
 Heather O'Flaherty DH'91 Fine Art/Contemporary Furniture

 Richard Snedeker DH'65  Non-Fiction / Saudi Memoir
 Jerry Lee York DH'57 Thriller Fiction Author


Carrie Comfort McCaslin DH'74  Arab sandals & coolie boots

 Annie Wallace DH'91 Land Conservation

 Quincy Lowman AB'70 Film & Video Production
 Todd Nims DH'95 Film /

 Karen Martin RT'73 Scrapbooking

 Ray Buyco RT'77 Music

Real Estate
 Wendy Cyr, DH'64 Real Estate
 Jennifer Onnen-McDaniel DH'77
Real Estate
Robyn Keator-Carpenter DH’81
Real Estate - Global

 Wael Manasra DH'93 Telecommunications
 Mazin Ghorab RT'87
 Azhar Zuberi DH'88
Information Technology
 Russell Webb RT'66 Attorney

Sports and Fitness
 Sandy Baguskas DH'83 Runners' Resources
 Barbara Deines Martin AB'68 Belly Dancing
 Todd Zukowski DH'83 Youth Sports

 Lori Guenther-Wentworth RT'85 Travel Agency
 Traci LaRosa-Suppa DH'84
Travel Blog

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