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Q:  When will registration open?

A:  May 2021.

Q:  I already made a room reservation; do I need to make another one?

A:  Yes.  The hotel will cancel your existing reservation and refund your deposit (it may take up to a week).  Once we have the new group room block reservation link, we will e-mail you & let you know to make new reservations.  (Please only use our special link).

Q:  Did it cost the Brats any money to move the reunion to Labor Day weekend?

A:  No, it did not.  The hotel has been very accommodating and understands that they are successful if our reunion is successful which means lots of Brats!

Q:  Why wasn’t the reunion postponed to Memorial Day 2022?

A:  The hotel penalty charges for moving to 2022 would have been cost prohibitive.  That would also make a 2023 reunion very difficult, and we prefer to keep it in odd years so as to not interfere with Brats attending the Annuitants’ reunions.

Q:  Why did ABI wait until February to make the call?

A:  ABI has been in periodic communications with hotel regarding pandemic situation, including their capacity restrictions (both local and corporate).  We agreed to review again after the holidays and look at later options if the situation dictated.  It dictated.

Q:  Do we need to have a vaccination?

A:  Vaccines are not required.   Attendees are required to follow the hotel's & city’s COVID policies at the time of the reunion.

Q:  Will there be more out activities outdoors?

A:  Loews Ventana has beautiful pools, hiking, outdoor games, and plenty of shaded outdoor lounge areas!

Q:  What's the weather like in September?

A:  Average September temperatures in Tucson are in the upper 90s, but the evenings are very pleasant.  Just pretend you are back in Saudi Arabia!

Q:  My question doesn’t appear here.  How do I get an answer?

A:  Please contact the reunion committee.  We will be happy to answer your question!

Q:  Can we party, drink, dance, and have a good time?

A:  Of course, you can!  NOOO party poopers or Negative Nancies/Nellies!!!!   

Q:  How fast does a camel spider run?

A:  9.9 mph. 

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