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ABI Announcement List #33 - October 31, 2007

31 Oct 2007 6:28 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
In this announcement:

1- Somewhere West of the Mississippi...
2- If You're in the Area
3- So Long. For Now

1- The current board's term expires at midnight today, so we figured before all those new guys come in and steal our thunder, we'd go ahead and let you all know at least the city where the 2009 Biennial AramcoBrats Reunion will be held. Not only is it West of the Mississippi as promised by Marie Littlejohn-Dunn at the banquet in Asheville, it's also West of the Missouri, the Arkansas, the North Platte, the South Platte, the regular Platte, the Powder, the Rio Grande, the Pecos and the Snake. It's also West of the Colorado. And the Gila (that one's usually dry, but whatever). Longitudinally speaking you might make a case that it's also West of the Sacramento, but I think that's just pushing it too far. Come to think of it, now that I have you thinking cartographically, if you were to stick a pin in the map at 34° 03' N 118° 15' W, you would be pretty darned close to where you need to be to see a thousand or so of your best friends come Memorial Day weekend 2009. Google it, fer cryin' out loud. Or keep reading and I'll just come right out and tell you at the end.

We can't divulge the exact location or hotel because we are still negotiating the final contracts. But we're really close. I will say that it hasn't been easy this time. We've had to balance the needs of our growing group with rising room rates and fewer concessions from the properties that meet our minimum requirements. That being said, I think you are going to be pleased with the final choice. So get out your map, dust off your compass, wash your ghutra, dig your sandals out of the back of the closet and plan to attend the gathering of our tribe over Memorial Day Weekend at 34° 03' N 118° 15' on your dog-eared, coffee-stained world map because that will put you square in the middle of Los Angeles, CA and you can just take a limo from there.

2- So. Now the cat's out of the bag. If you happen to live in the LA or surrounding areas and you're interested in giving some time and energy to producing the reunion, shoot us an e-mail at We'll announce the chair later, but for now we need people who would like to be on the committee to step forward and let us know. Reunions are a massive undertaking and being able to share the burden with a group of folks is what makes for a successful event.

3-Midnight on October 31 every two years marks the end of one ABI Board term and the beginning of the next. The bad news is that we're all out of here at midnight. The good news is that most of us are back at midnight plus one second -- well the four elected board members are anyway. The rest follow as soon as we vote to approve them. That usually takes a few minutes. More on who is leaving and who is joining the board in the next newsletter which is in layout at this very moment, but for now, we'll just say goodbyehello and thanks for supporting the ABI and the board. We don't take our jobs lightly and we look forward to the next two years.

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