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ABI Announcement #4: April 2003

01 Apr 2003 12:32 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Dear AramcoBrat,

    Even if you are sure you are not interested in the reunion, READ THIS
    MESSAGE! (Especially number 3)

    In this e-mail:

    1- Reunion Update -- Status Report
    2- Reunion Goodies -- What to Expect
    3- New Simplified Reunion Registration Process!!!


    1-Reunion Update

    Only six short weeks to go! As things currently stand, 419 people
    have completed their registrations and mailed them back. This is
    shaping up to be as fine a reunion as we have ever had. The good
    news is that there is plenty of room for all the procrastinators and
    undecideds to get in on the reunion action this coming Memorial Day
    Weekend. Contrary to early reports -- blame it on erroneous
    communications from the main hotel -- *nothing* is sold out. Rooms
    are available for all nights at the El Conquistador, so make a
    reservation now to ensure you don't miss a thing throughout the
    reunion. (Reunion Hint: Some of the best and most memorable reunion
    experiences happen between midnight and sunrise. If you're asleep at
    another hotel or a friend's place, you are just flat out going to
    miss those altogether.) So pick up the phone and call 1-800-864-1284
    to make your room reservation. Do it now.

    If the reunion registration process just seems too complex and that's
    holding you back, jump down to number 3 below for some great news.


    2-Reunion Goodies -- What You Will be Missing if You Don't Go to the

    The reunion committee and the ABI have planned another fantastic
    weekend which includes live music each night, special drink prices,
    discounted room rates, an abundance of door prizes, the ever popular
    raffle/auction, the Sunday night banquet, the live auction, pinatas,
    bowling, golf, tennis, group and class photos, class party night, the
    opportunity to relive your childhood, visit with old classmates, meet
    new Brats, reminisce, have fun, and much more. But then, all of that
    just goes without saying.

    What you probably don't know is that, thanks to a generous cash
    contribution from Aramco Services Company, the reunion committee has
    personal shoppers scouring the streets of Al Khobar even as you are
    reading this. The resulting hoard of baubles and treasures from our
    shared past will be shipped to the reunion to be used as prizes,
    gifts and door prizes throughout the weekend. The only sure thing is
    that if you aren't there, you won't be able to share in this
    incredible bounty.

    Are you someone who remembers hours playing Spades, Hearts or
    Backgammon with friends as a primary form of social interaction.
    Does the reunion committee have a deal for you! Come to the reunion
    and check out Auntie Di's Perfectly Fabulous Game Room. Grab an old
    friend and challenge them to a rematch of that game you lost so long
    ago in the land of our

    Now, this is just a rumor, but there may be some olfactory
    stimulation to be had at the reunion this time as well. Sources
    report the heady aroma of warm pita bread, slow-roasting meat and
    rich tahini sauce might be found emanating from one or two small
    stands around the pool throughout the weekend. Wink, wink. If this
    is something that matters to you, you know what we're talking about.

    There is so much more, but time is short. The only way to experience
    it all is to reserve a room and register today. Which conveniently
    leads us right into the third topic of this announcement.


    3- Registration Made Easy -- A New Simplified Reunion Registration

    Time is short. Decisions need to be made very soon on the number of
    t-shirts and other goodies to order. The sooner you register the
    more accurately the reunion committee can estimate what needs to be

    If you have not received your registration packet yet, it is most
    likely because you haven't paid your AdBak and/or filled out the
    reunion survey. In the interest of streamlining and making it easier
    for you to register, we have decided to eliminate these steps between
    now and the reunion. If you want a registration packet mailed to
    you, please e-mail Erica at or call at
    *82-1-520-529-2164 (*82 unblocks your phone number to ensure your
    call goes through). She will need your full name (first, maiden and
    last), your correct address, and your District and Year. You can pay
    the required AdBak, registration fee, and late registration fee in
    one shot and mail it all back with your completed reunion
    registration. We'll sort it all out for you and you'll be all set in
    one easy step!

    Even more important though is for you to call and reserve a room at
    the El Conquistador immediately! Don't wait for your registration
    package to arrive. Do it now. It will become more difficult to
    secure a room at our reduced rate (if at all) after April 30. Call
    the El Con for reservations at 1-800-864-1284. Make sure you say you
    are with the AramcoBrats.

    BONUS MESSAGE -- If you've read this far, you really are someone who
    should be at the reunion. The bottom line is this: These things are
    magic. They renew, revive and rejuvenate us like nothing else can.
    Come home. Spend the weekend with a few hundred friends who know you
    like nobody else can.

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