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Sid says, "Yalla! Register Now!"

12 May 2013 8:35 PM | Anonymous member
Don't wait a minute longer.  The Tucson Reunion Committee can't wait to host us and they want you to know that the hotel requires an accounting for the number of banquet attendees prior to the reunion, and you may not get to participate if you wait to register on-site.

Are you having issues registering?  If so, please contact Dawn at and she will get you straigtened out.  Please also note that we will shut down on-line registration at midnight (CST) May 20th so that we can get everything ready for you in Tucson.

Speaking of registration....

Did you sit at your computer getting ready to register, shaking your head wondering why your registration fee is $77.00?  What exactly does it pay for? 

The Reunion Committee develops a budget that has to be finalized so the registration fee can be set before we go live with registration in January.  This fee covers many things that you will receive and experience at the reunion.  This year, $55.00 goes toward your meal at the Sunday Night Banquet.  This negotiated price is considerably less than prices offered on their website.

The other $22.00 is your share of goodies distributed to you when you arrive (we could tell you about all of these, but it would spoil the surprise), lanyards and name tags, karaoke for Saturday night, a band for Sunday night, garage band equipment rental, canteen equipment and games, computer rental, hired personnel to handle registration and the raffle/auction, photo booth, table decorations (somebody at your table gets to take it home), volunteer gifts, door prizes, signage, the reunion newsletter, and miscellaneous supplies. 

This year we based our budget on 700 attendees.  An anonymous Brat donated $5,000 which was applied to the reunion budget. This equaled $7.14 less per person.  Without this donation you would have paid $84.14 registration fee.  Thank you Anonymous for subsidizing the cost for all of us!

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