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  • 19 Apr 2013 7:18 PM | Anonymous

    If you have not yet registered for the reunion, please do so this weekend so you can get your choice of reunion shirts/sizes.  After this weekend we will run out of some of  the style and size options.  So do it NOW or you could end up with a small women's v-neck instead of the XXL polo you were wanting.  Picture yourself in that predicament!  Please go to The 14th Biennial Reunion Event Page, register and get yourself covered…  We don't want to see you in that way too small shirt!
  • 17 Apr 2013 11:35 PM | Anonymous

    We will be burning and distributing a limited number of 2013 directory CDs to those who order one.  There are 2 ways you can place an order:

    (1) If you register for the reunion, the form will ask you to indicate if you would like a directory CD. If you select "yes," you will receive your CD at the reunion.

    (2) if you are NOT attending the reunion, we have set up an order form for you to use.  Ordering is open from April 17th through midnight May 5th (CDT).

    The CD will contain a PDF file of the listings in our online database as of mid-April, sorted alphabetically and geographically, as well as a Memoriam section. Please only order if you think you will really use it.  The online (and up-to-date) database will always be there for you!

    Orders will be processed and mailed after the reunion.

    If you would like a hard copy, any copy place (e.g. Kinko's) or office supply store should be able to print one for you from the CD.

    Directories are made available to those who have paid AdBak.
  • 09 Apr 2013 12:22 PM | Anonymous

    "This smells just like _____!"
  • 08 Apr 2013 12:00 AM | Anonymous

    Congratulations to Mary Schrader-Tedsen (DH 1963) for winning the certificate for 2 nights/breakfast at the La Paloma during the reunion.

    Thanks to all Brats who purchased the 74 raffle tickets! Because the raffle was for reunion attendees, the Board has voted to put all the proceeds toward some nibbles at the Friday night Opening Reception for everyone to enjoy! 

    The raffle drawing was managed by a Reunion Oversight Committee member and the Database Director. Each raffle ticket was assigned a number from 1 to 74. The actual ticket drawing was performed using a random number generator:  Our President, who was not privy to who owned which ticket, was sent a link to the random number-generating program along with the ticket number ranges to be used.  The random number generator returned a list of 5 unique ticket numbers, the first of which was our winner.  The other 4 tickets are backup (in the order pulled) winners in case the original winner is unable to attend the reunion. The President forwarded the ticket number list to the ROC member and Database Director who then matched ticket numbers to names in the spreadsheet.

    Mary was informed of her win via email and voice mail.  She responded - "Sorry I missed your call.  I was outside enjoying one of the few spring days we've had.  So I got your email and am excited that I won the raffle.  What a nice surprise.  I look forward to seeing you at the reunion."

    So you didn't win...  You still have the opportunity to win 1 comp night.  Go to to learn how to sign up. 
  • 07 Apr 2013 11:50 PM | Anonymous

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following "Sustaining Member" Brats for their very generous support of ABI this year:

    Ahrnsbrak-Barnes, Patricia
    Alcantara-Vasquez, Michele
    Ayers, Kimberly Gail
    Bates-Physioc, Claudia
    Biedenharn, John
    Borders, Eric
    Bowman, Michael
    Brooks-Smith, Christina
    Bryan-Messier, Judie K.
    Bryan-Patrick, Anne
    Carson-Campbell, Sally L.
    Cashill, Jason
    Christman, June
    Clausen, Tina Marie
    Cook, Barry F.
    Crawford, Jay
    Csaszar, Andrea H.
    Cyr, Wendy D.
    Dowling-Baker, Hillary J.
    Eastwood-Townsend, Suzanne C.
    Erwin, James Ray
    Falkenberg, John
    Fallon-Scott, Michele
    Faulkner, Mary Jo
    Finman, Larry
    Fitzgibbons, Dale A.
    Flemming, William J.
    Foreman, Charles
    Freeman, Tom
    Galleazzi, John A.
    Gantt, Gail
    Ghori, Hirath
    Gray, Morgan
    Hanson-Fallon, Karen
    Harrington-Pew, Barbara M.
    Haughey, Thomas
    Heywood-Zenor, Laura W.
    Hill, Eric
    Hockett, Paul
    Horne Taylor, Peggy
    Howard, Richard P. (Buzz)
    Hubbard, James A.
    Ives, Laurel M.
    Johansen-O'Rourke, Lohna
    Johansson-Doody, Julie A.
    Johnson, Brad K.
    Johnston, Cameron Ross
    Jones, David W.
    Jones, Myles D.
    Jones, Susan
    Jungers, Gary M.
    Kellenberg-Jones, Susan C.
    Kirwin, Kenneth P.
    Knoll, David
    Knutzen, Otto
    Ladner-Bailey, Diane M.
    Lampman-Termotto, Linda G.
    Littlejohn, Tom
    Littlejohn-Dunn, L. Marie
    Lorentzen-Winters, Tina
    Lowman, Quincy
    Martin-Venker, Mary M.
    McDonald, Margaret
    McGinley-Sarkiss, Elissa
    McHargue, Sherry
    Menicke-Sandefur, Lisa
    Mikhail, Osama I.
    Miller, Scott
    Milne-Skakel, Jackie M.
    Minor, Jeff
    Morrow, Karen
    Myers, Dawn
    Myers, John H.
    Nance, Mark P.
    Nelson-Pelling, Betsy
    Norman-Baldwin, Gayle
    Novak-Labik, Nancy
    Nufer, David
    Onnen, Mary Jane
    Onnen-McDaniel, Jennifer A.
    O'Toole, Justin
    Owen, Richard B.
    Pais, Steve
    Palmer-Marsh, Kay
    Papp, Sharon L.
    Payne-White, Robin Adair
    Power, Glen
    Rappaport, John M.
    Rendek, Paul
    Richards-Butler, Angela
    Richardson-Rednour, Linda
    Rickwood, Rory
    Rietz, Donald
    Robertson, E. Ralph
    Ryrholm, Christina C.
    Ryrholm-Geerdes, Diana
    Schnautz-McLaughlin, Patty (Pj)
    Shiblaq-Saleh, Hania
    Simms, Michael T.
    Singelyn-Littlejohn, Mary Louise
    Sinko, Stephen
    Sketo, S.T. (Ted)
    Snyder, Philip
    Stadler, Kirt
    Suffridge-Rodgers, Dana M.
    Sullivan-Hubbs, Danee
    Sundberg-Johnston, Ann
    Sundstrom, Peter D.
    Sweetman, Sandy L.
    Swete, Stan
    Tanner, Scott
    Tanner-Kelsch, Laurie
    Taylor-Vose, Sandra
    Thompson-Steindorff, Amy
    Tindall-Scanlon, Julee
    Trial, Mike
    Ullmann, Elizabeth
    Urenovich-Barth, Mara
    Vanderhoff-Grunau, Sarah E. (Sally)
    Waldrop Bass, Leslie
    Westuba, William
    Wohlgethan-Hawwa, Janice N.
    York, Jerry
    Zinola, Lauren
    Zinszer, Kim H.

  • 07 Apr 2013 11:47 PM | Anonymous

    In preparation for mailing ballots and publishing ABI directory CDs, we will be dumping the database after midnight (CDT), April 15th.  Your contact information in the directory CD will only be as up-to-date as you make it, so we need everyone to do their part!   

    • Log into the website and go to your profile to check your current information and privacy settings.  For a quick check of what appears in your online directory listing, click My directory profile just to the right of the Edit profile button.  If you need to make changes, click the Edit profile button, make the necessary edits, and save your changes.


      Example directory profile

    • Online and CD directories are made available only to those who have paid AdBak (Administrative Baksheesh) for the 2-year term. If you have not paid AdBak for this term but would like to access the online directory and order a CD, you can pay AdBak by selecting the Change membership level button under Membership details if your profile (right-hand side).
    • Information on ordering a directory CD will be coming soon!

    The custodial staff
  • 06 Apr 2013 8:25 PM | Anonymous

    Do you have an announcement you would like to share with the brat community?  Are you getting married, or having a baby?  Maybe you were nominated for a prestigous award, or sadly maybe someone passed away?

    Post your announcements on our newly implemented blog, Shifting Sands, and we will include it in our next newsletter.
  • 06 Apr 2013 6:29 PM | Anonymous

    Thinking about bring your pet to the reunion? We asked our contacts at La Paloma - they replied:

    "Thank you for your inquiry into our pet policy. We pride ourselves in being a dog friendly property. We accept dogs up to 40 lbs. of NON aggressive breeds. There is no extra 
    charge to bring the dogs, however we do require you to sign a pet waiver upon check in stating that you will pay for any damages that might be incurred or associated with your dogs.

    We do offer the use of complimentary dog beds and dog bowls as well.

    Please let us know if you do decide to bring your pets so that we can make the appropriate comments in your reservation."
  • 06 Apr 2013 11:31 AM | Anonymous

    Now that your reservations have been made, it’s time to start gearing up for the event itself.  In case you’ve been wondering, YES, our ever-popular raffle and silent and live auctions will take place again this year.

    As in the past, we will have a wide variety of items - from brass camels and candlesticks, stuffed animals, bedu jewelry, decorative brass plates, coffee pots, hookahs and incense burners to cookbooks, books and manuals. Items are still coming in via donations from fellow brats (Have something you wish to donate?  Contact  Among our goodies should be something which strikes your eye - something which you always regretted not having collected while you were there (perhaps your budget was nonexistent?).

    Take advantage of our discounted prices by purchasing your raffle tickets online between now and May 20th!  The online sales will close on that date, to give us time to tabulate the ticket purchases and have your tickets ready for you at registration. The more tickets you buy, the greater your chances of winning the raffle item(s) you have bid on.

    Online prices:
    • 3 tickets for $5, 
    • 8 tickets for $10
    • 25 tickets for $25 
    Onsite prices:
    • 2 tickets for $5
    • 5 tickets for $10
    • 20 tickets for $25
    PURCHASE NOW and get more bang for your buck!
  • 31 Mar 2013 12:06 PM | Anonymous
    Last reminder that several reunion-related deadlines are upon us at midnight tonight (CDT):
      • March 31st - Early registration for the reunion. You need to be fully registered (i.e. paid in full) by this date to get the $77 registration rate. Late registration (after March 31st) and walk-ins will be $97. So, if you didn't finish registering and/or haven't yet paid, hami hami!

      • March 31, 2013 - Last day to cancel and receive FULL refund of registration fees.

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