Formal Meeting Minutes

Because ABI board members reside all over the country, it conducts most business via email. To make it possible to follow multiple conversations, each item offered for discussion and voting is given its own Formal Meeting (FM) Number. The table below summarizes the FMs that have been conducted throughout the term.

For a record of previous terms' minutes, go to the Archives.      
FM #
Meeting Summary Vote
Renewal of ABI Domain Name
DEK moves that we renew services for 2 years, at a total cost of $79.98 (acct 5400) I would like to submit payment via PayPal so that it is taken directly from our account, and no reimbursement would be needed.
Yes: 10
Approval for Federal Tax Forms
TEL recommend that the tax forms be approved by the Board, filed with the IRS, and posted on the ABI website.
Yes: 10
Approval for Q4 2017 Financials
TEL recommends that the Q4 financial information from the attached ABI Budget & Income report be approved by the Board for posting on the ABI website.

Yes: 10
Approval for Reimbursement of Email Forwarding Service
DEK moved that she be reimbursed $90.00 for one year of DuoCircle email service.
Yes: 10
Wild Apricot Annual Website Renewal
MLD moved that we change credit card information on our Wild Apricot account to ABI’s credit card and renew our Wild Apricot subscription for 1 year at the current Enterprise rate of $2916 annually (COA#5410).  I further move that we reevaluate web hosting/membership and event management options.
Yes: 10

Approval of the 2019 ABI Reunion Contract
The Reunion Oversight Director moves that the Board accept the terms and signing of the 2019 ABI Reunion contract.
 Yes: 10
Reimbursement for Reunion Site Expenses
ADN move that the board issues reimbursement as follows (COA 5900):

Amber Neal
Airfare: $347.96
Sandra Louchard 
Airfare $394.39
Car Rental: $151.05
Parking: $51.00
Total: $596.44
Liz Germani
Airfare: $338.98
Marie Dunn Airfare: $338.98 
Total: $677.96
Yes: 10
Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Renewal
TEL moves that the board renews the directors and officers liability insurance policy for the annual premium of $1,031.00 (#5600)
Yes: 10
Appointment of Directors for 2017-2019 Term
ADN moves that the following slate be approved to the appointed board positions:

o Liz Germani, Reunion Oversite Director
o Paul Allen, Nominations Director
o Leslie Homolka Craigmyle, Publications Director
o Caroline Homolka Masters, Database Director
o Dawn Kolb, Website Director
o Marie Littlejohn Dunn, Director at Large

Per the bylaws, only elected Board Members voted

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