AdBak (Administrative Baksheesh)

At the beginning of each new term, ABI's board finalizes financials for the preceding fiscal year and sets a new budget for the full, 2-year term.  Part of this budgeting process is to review all our our non-reunion income and expenses, estimate what we think will be required to cover the overhead expenditures that benefit our entire Brat family, and then determine "Administrative Baksheesh," a.k.a. AdBak.

We made some major changes in the 2009-2011 term when we switched to a new website with an online database and transitioned to mostly electronic communications.  The goal was to provide better communication and networking features for every, single Aramco Brat we reach while reducing our costs and perhaps increasing the number of Brats who help support the organization financially.  We also added an new AdBak level, "Sustaining Member," to make it simple for someone to throw in a bit more with 1-click.  We were a little surprised and even humbled by the number of people who selected this option!

The Board is very pleased to report that we achieved those goals and AdBak for this term remains the same:

 Supporting Member (U.S. or International)  $20
 Sustaining Member  $40
Note that due to reduced mailings, AdBak will be the same for both U.S. and international mailing addresses.
Please note the renewal policy.  Renewal is 2 years from Jan. 1 of the year in which you paid.  If you payed AdBak in 2014, you need to renew Jan. 1, 2015.  If you waited until the reunion, you won't need to renew until Jan. 1, 2017.  But why wait?  Renew now and stay connected!

Forgot how to pay AdBak? Go to your profile page and in the Membership Details section, click "Change Membership Level."  And while you are in there, be sure your contact information is the latest and greatest, tell us where you went to high school or college, and consider sharing your personal web site or Facebook page, so people can connect with you elsewhere, too!


Are you trying to pay AdBak (Administrative Baksheesh)?  If you are already a member, you should use "change membership level" in your user profile to pay AdBak.  If you are not already registered with us, please use the membership form to register and pay AdBak.  Shukran!  We appreciate your support!

If you are NOT attempting to pay AdBak but just want to make an additional donation...WOW!  You are truly generous, and you are in the right place!  We love you!

Please also note that the ABI is a 501(c)(7) nonprofit corporation, and thus any donations made to us are not tax exempt, so unfortunately you are not able to claim these deductions on your tax returns.

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